Orange Shirt day., Sept. 30/19 

Arabella sings Satcheedan in her classroom this morning after  I read the Legend of the Dreamcatcher. The children were awesome. Many had worn their orange shirts honour the  Residential school survivors. aAterwards they made their own dreamcatchers  

Lots f fun doing an Interactive Musical Presentation with Shemique Blair's super cool and talented Grade 7 students at DDECS this afternoon, Mar.26/19

Beloved Kriya Yoga Master Paramahamsa Prajnanananda ji at the EPR Centre in Moose Factory  during his Satsang, September 10, 2018

Singing my favourite 12th Century Hymn, "O Come O Come Emmanuel at the

"Blue Christmas Concert"

 It was a real treat backing up some wonderful  local singers as well.   A magical evening in Moose Factory.

 ~Screen shot from the video by Clayton, December 21, 2017


A lovely evening was spent at the Carol Service on December 21st accompanying the  Saint Thomas Choir. On a very cold Christmas eve I  bundled up in my parka and ventured out  to sing "O Holy Night."

Dec.2017 ~ photo Jean Wesley

~ Standing with Arjun, sister Rita, Clay, Vinod,  Meena Bharat and Minnie.


Photo ~Bharat Bhaga

I have a special healing drum that was  made and gifted  to me by my husband Clayton. My mother-in-law  Daisy sewed a beautiful cover for the drum and blessed it. I only play my drum on special occasions and this year was asked to sing O Canada in Cree at the Remembrance day Celebrations at DDECS, the First Nation School on the island. Clayton joined me on the "Hunter Drum" a powerful drum that was passed on to him as Headman of his grandfathers Traditional Land.

Nov, 2017.

  Clayton and i had a nice little jam at the "Pacha Indigenous Art Gallery " in Toronto with extraordinary Ecuadorian musician Marcos Arcentales and the brilliant James Bay Cree guitarist, Lawrence Cheechoo prior to a performance at "The Supermarket."
Photo- Violet Chum
 Clay and I at the Cree Village Eco-Lodge Tea Room joined by Jesse Cote, lead and rhythm guitar, Marlon Cheechoo, lead guitar and  Justin Grundy on drums. 2014.

Photo Julia Martens

 ~A Evening of Cultural Sharing ~

With  the lovely sister Meena Bhaga, (our guest speaker) and her husband Vinod,   Clayton,  son  Marlon  and Minnie Sutherland at the screening of AWAKE, The life of Yogananda 

J.R.Delaney Youth Centre, Moose Factory. October 11th, 2015.


~Photo-Arjun Bhaga

Mellow Moods at The Cree Village Ecolodge showcasing wonderful  performances  by Nathan and Marlon Cheechoo,  James and Daisy Cheechoo, Jesse Cote and Justin Grundy as well as Clay and I.
May 2013.
Photo_ Greta Malisi

 We hosted Swami Amar Jyoti,a Sage from the Himalayas  with an invite to visit our community in 2007.

Pictured here with Swamiji is our  family and the Chakraburttys.


photo: Greg Williams, The Cree Village Ecolodge.

During  his visit to Moose Factory in 2007, Yogiraj Swami Amar Jyoti  gratiously extended an invitation  for us  to visit  his Ashram, the Mahavatar Babaji Meditation Centre in Palampur  India. 

We travelled there in the summer of 2009 during Guru Purnima. 

Our family is pictured here in the Yagna Shala.

Following satsang (spiritual discourse )with Swamiji we were asked to sing for those present.  It was  an unforgetable experience and very special for us. Clayton sang a chant in Cree and I sang my hymns.


PhotoMinnie Sutherland