~ Theif of Hearts ~

Look away if  you can from the blue fire saphire...eyes that pierce the deepest recesses of your soul. 

Look away from that perfect mouth, the sweet wordless nectar that rolls like thunder off heavens tongue.

Look away from the only one who knows you for who are

The one who shatters illusions and leaves you naked in the wilderness.

Reaper, redeemer, thief  of hearts, whoes beauty has left you speechless

And whoes absence is the sweetest agony you will ever know.

 c/ August/13




* Long Steep Climb from Moose factory to India 


My love is illusive

Like walking in the morning dew

Catching a moonbeam in your hand

Only the pure of heart can find me

I am not for the worldly 

Or the wise

The insincere 

Or the troublemaker

My heart is a rose without a thorn

Water it daily

c/ Nov.30/19 (rewrite)

 ~ An Agreement ~


You have lent us your shimmering beauty

Your fragrant breath

A love so fragile

Yet indestructible and complete

We have made an agreement

Impossible to break




~ Come with Me ~

Come with me and do not leave

Until the earth swallows the sun

And the sky is no more than a blackened slate


c/August 7/11