A Special Kind of Vision

To experience every aspect of life to the fullest no matter how it manifests is an art in itself. Once we come to the realization everything within us and in the outer world is self -created, we will no longer cling to our perceived victimhood, our false ideologies or our sense of entitlement. We are taught that if we excel in school, get a good paying job, and work hard in our chosen field, our lives will be perpetually joyful. We have earned our happiness. The world owes it to us. But who is the world and why should it owe us anything? If we are born disadvantaged in some way we blame society, government or those around us. We have yet to acknowledge or own the state of our existence. It must be something outside ourselves that created the mess we find ourselves in.

We have yet to realize we are the architects of our destiny. No-one and nothing else. We are all connected in the truest sense of the word and yet do we really believe it?

We are engaged in a race to the finish line where the one who holds the cards offers a meagre prize to the winner, who thanks everyone he has ever met and the God he has never taken the time to meet.

The wheel of life turns endlessly and we find ourselves seemingly tethered to the spokes weathering every storm with a stiff upper lip and a mixed sense of hopefulness and foreboding. We declare we are strong and resilient and yet we are never satisfied. We look to celebrities who seemed to have found the happiness and success we crave or we turn to an endless array of friends and relatives to pull us out of our self-absorbed discontent and distract us from whatever it is that is troubling us.

If that doesn't work, we overindulgence.

What is the nature of our discontent? What in the world are we running from?


Someone told me other day they don't like silence. It's too empty. When they meditate it frightens them because there is nothing there. So instead they fill their lives with tv shows, movies and social media. A distraction from the silence. The notion that there is nothing and that void is being filled with "something."

There must be more to the cliches, "Be true to yourself," and for the common man, "Eat drink and be merry for the tomorrow we may die" or for the materialist, "Get it while you can," or the one who has delved a little deeper, "We live, we die and death not ends it! "

The truth is we will at some point leave behind our beloved bodies and all we have acquired materially in this life. Our ashes will mingle with the elements and our consciousness will be in transition. The only thing that will remain is our eternal deathless self and the love we leave behind. The self we have been running from all along in search of something greater, something that will show us the way, something that will bring eternal happiness and joy.

So who are we really? Our lovely wardrobes? Our beautiful house and garden with a view of the water? Our children and grandchildren? Our ancestors? Who do we owe this beautiful Creation to? The benevolence of divine Mother, Jesus, Krishna and so many more who came before?

Or is it we who are the creators of our existence good and bad?

The great Ones came and went (and there have been many) to wake us up.

Wonderful and illuminating sign posts along the way. So now we are awake, what do we do?

There is an old saying, " if you meet Buddha on the road kill him."

This doesn't mean kill him literally, it means don't stop there, keep going. Thank him with all your heart and keep going. Your true Self is waiting!

Some people view self- realization as a state of perpetual bliss and indifference to worldly life. I feel it is the ability to realize the true nature of ourselves while living in this world, accepting where we are in this precious moment, not necessarily in some far off heaven where all will be revealed.

If we continue to egotistically define ourselves in terms of race, religion and social status we will always be at war with ourselves and others.

If we continue to look down on others who have less and be suspect of those who have more, we will never be free.

Instead of competing with one another we should try to be "complete" within ourselves.

If our sense of self worth is vainly tied to our ability to articulate a bloated sense of superiority in order to prop ourselves up, we have lost it completely. The truth is we want to love others but we can't love ourselves if we don't know ourselves.

We need to "see" ourselves better. This takes time yet it can happen in the blink of an eye.

It takes a special kind of vision to see things as they are. To see ourselves as "we" are. Not the identity we have created or others have imposed upon us, but as we truly are; free from self -made shackles and man made expectations.

Only then will we find true happiness and lasting peace.

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