The Revolution of the Soul, Renewal, part 1 (*revised)

The purification of mother earth has begun. For humanity too, we are experiencing this purging. As we release negative tendancies and embrace higher spiritual values and realities, we perfect our way of relating to the natural environment and those around us, recognizing we are sparks from the same eternal flame, one universal family.

Our mother is a living breathing entity, she nurtures and brings new life constantly renewing herself, sustaining all living creatures great and small.

She is a woman, like us, a sacred being.

In Cree tradition, the woman's domain is her teepee or dwelling, she lays the boughs, chops the wood, makes the fire and cares for her family. She is the one who decides what she wants and does not want within her abode. She is the heart of the family "Oogaweemaow." She is us and she is also Mother Earth and the Divine Mother.

It is noticable that the treatment of women and the treatment of the earth are connected. Mankind's blatant disregard and exploitation of the earth echoes his disregard and exloitation of women. But all this is rapidly changing as we come to recognize our inherent divinity and power within as creators and nurturers of life.

Humanity as a whole is experiencing the revolution of the soul in the form of tsunamis earthquakes and disturbing weather patterns.

We have witnessed the outrage across the globe to the despicable treatment of women in India and around the world to the political disregard for the missing and murdered Aboriginal women across Canada.

We are abandoning the mindset steeped in religious distortions and the paternalistic tyranny of kings.

A deepening awareness of our connectedness to all creation and the oneness of all peoples regardless of race or gender is heartening.

One key might be constructing our own realities based on the ethics of love, trust and non- divisionary thinking and being.

A reality where social status becomes secondary to our humanity.

The heartbeat of the drum in my adopted culture is the heartbeat of mother earth and is the beating of our own hearts.

An old Cree prophecy states there will come a time when mankind will realize he cannot eat money. We are there now.

The end of the Mayan calendar marked the beginning of a new era as did the Lighting of the 8th Fire, indicating the awakening of the Spirit.

* According to Yogic understand and ancient scritptures we are in Dwapara Yuga. We will enter the age of Tetra Yuga before entering Satya Yuga, the era of Truth and enlightenment.

Each Yuga is roughly 2522 years in duration. Yet there is no reason we cannot in our own lives create peace, harmony and truth and attain a state of enlightenment at any point in time however difficult.

The veils between the worlds are thinning like the ozone but in a good way. We find our levels of intution increasing and a need to move away from the ego based individulaism of I and me to we and us.

* We are becoming more connected to our own Soul or Atma , the essence of who we truly are.

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