Revolution of the Soul ~The Struggle. part 2

When the universal shift in consciousness intensified I became increasingly aware of the silver thread that binds us all together like a beads on a necklace of rare design. It was as if all the events in time and space had juxtaposed into a sublime tapestry woven with immeasurable love and purpose. Our inter-connectedness became crystal clear. The first inclination is to jump for joy and share that precious moment of bliss with whomever will listen. But to speak too openly can often invite ridicule or even detract from the experience itself by taking energy away from it through the inadeqacy of words and the level of understanding with whom it is shared. So one must protect it like a precious gem.

When we experience that sense of pure connectedness with Creation and the God within, to try and hold on to it is difficult and to try and recreate it is to lose the present moment.

"Perfect Love", one of the songs I am working on addresses this dilema; " So fragile this feathered string that binds us. Barely visible this heavenly realm that finds us. I try to hold it, It cannot be held." The mundane runnings of everyday life come in like ripples that gradually become waves to disturb our inner peace. Schedules, obligations, disspointments and the worries of everyday life begin to supersede and take over. The purpose and purity of our vision becomes blurred. The mirror darkens. People and events are often sent as adversaries to test us. It is one thing to wallow in the nectar and sweetness of that divine closeness when alone in the quiet of the night with only the moon and stars as a witness, then to walk down a muddy road circled by misasaks, the wild winds of change and the strange barking of atimuk. And they will test you. It is said the closer you get to the light the more the darkness intrudes. Each thought we have carries power and eventually manifests depending on the intensity and duration of the thought pattern. It is true that as we think so we are. The importance of positve thinking cannot be underestimated. Word, sound and power.

At this juxtaposion in time our chakras are beginning to open and unfold naturally like the petals of a flower. A spiritual practice will intensify this.

With this purification that our mother the earth is undergoing we too are affected. As above so below. People will become frightened and lash out not knowing how to process this new influx of psychic energy.

Yet a strong person is not swayed by the weak or the willful. A strong person will stand for justice and the truth under any circumstances even if it means standing up to a bully or a manipulator, or standing alone.

Honesty is so important. To be honest with ourselves and others is a sign of integrity. Be honest but firm, use kindness and keep the faith.

If someone continues to be angry and hateful simply surround yourself with the strength of your Inner Light. God helps those who follow the Teachings.

"I strain to hear the contents that shine. In stead of your sweet voice, the barking of dogs

Which closes all avenue of song" from the poem; "My Love's Sacrifice" ~ Sept. /13.

Last night the river was as smooth as glass... so smooth you could see your own reflection and sense the old people in the trees telling their stories to the wind....

View from a canoe ~ Moose River ~ with Clayton, July 2/15.

#river #universal #soul

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